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Step by Step process to create custom theme in Drupal 8

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The main difference between theming of Drupal 7 & Drupal 8 is theme engine. In Drupal 7 supports PHPTemplate and Drupal 8 leverages Twig engine

Step 1:  Create .info file
An Important part of Drupal theme or module is .info file. Through this file drupal will understand whether it is theme or module.

In Drupal 7 it was .info but in D8 it changes to .info.yml (called as yaml). So to create a theme, first create a folder and name it after the theme. In this case let’s say theme name is “Invezza”, So create a folder of name invezza. Notice that all letters are in small. Now in this folder create a file and save it as This is our info file. The rest is same as Drupal 7 .info file Read More

AOSSL – Using SSL with Varnish

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AOSSL(HTTPS) – Everywhere

The core values on which the internet has been built are trust and consumer confidence. With the rising trend on Web 2.0 and social networking sites people spend much more time online being logged-in and share much more information than credit card numbers. Henceforth, while building any web application that’s dealing with users personal data security is considered as first priority. To overcome such issues a security layer has been added to HTTP to make it more secure protocol for exchanging data over the Internet called SSL. Read More