Angular js is structural (MVC) framework used to develop a dynamic web application. Angular js provides the following features that made angular js is the unique framework

Structural Programming

Angular js is a structural framework. It uses MVC structure pattern to developing an application. In MVC structure application development is split into three modules

  • Model
  • View
  • Controller

MVC structure makes development, testing, maintenance will more comfortable

Data Binding:

Data Binding is the primary feature of angular js. Data binding can be implemented in two different ways

  • One way Data Binding
  • Two-way Data Binding

In DataBinding model variables or objects are bind with views.

Parallel Development:

In angular js application, multiple programmes work parallel on controller model and views. This feature makes your application development faster. If you write view content and controller code in the same file, only one programmer can work at a time otherwise it can’t be available for other developers.

HTML as Template:

Angular js uses existing HTML tags as a template for view preparation and it provides a directive to implement these templates. At the time of execution, angular js framework executes these templates to generate actual content.

Routing Support for Single Page Application (SPA)

In Single page application, and an only main page will be loaded from server remaining all requests are processed at client side without reloading the whole page. Angular js routing concept organizing multiple routes for multiple requests with single page