If you want to know how to implement stored procedure in entity framework database, then, Here are the steps to implement the same.

We can also access stored procedures in a .net application like tables. These procedures are converted as c# methods.
At the time of adding stored procedures, Entity framework generates following items:

1. C# method: method name same as stored procedure name.
2. Result class: Name of the class is prepared as follows:
Syntax: Procedurename_results
Eg: getemployees_results

Steps to Implement

1. Create required stored procedure in the database.
2. Add stored procedure in a .net application using entity framework.
3. Invoke the stored procedure using c# methods with help of data context class object.

Eg: Create asp.net MVC application to display employee details by invoking a stored procedure from entity framework.

1. Create required stored procedure on SQL server


Create procedure <g class="gr_ gr_42 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" id="42" data-gr-id="42">getemps</g>
@dno int
Select * from emp where deptno=@dno


2.Create MVC Application (webapplication1)and add above-stored procedure by using Entity Framework.
3.Build the project.

 Using webapplication1.Models;
Namespace webapplication1.controllers
 Public class Homecontroller: Controller
Empdbentities db=new Empdbentities ();
Public ActionResult Index()
List<Getemps_Result> emplist=db.Getemps(10).tolist();
return view(emplist);


@using Webapplication1.Models;
@model Ienumberable<Getemps_result>

<h1>Employee Details</h1>
<table border=”2” width=”400”>
Foreach(GetEmps_result item in Model)