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Category: ASP .Net

What is ADO.NET

Dec 14th, 2021 ASP .Net

ADO.Net is the native driver designed by Microsoft for .Net technology used to interact with middle wave or database. Without ADO.Net we cannot write database programming code in .Net. ADO.Net is set of classes that expose data access service to .Net Programmer. This provides set of components for creating distributed data sharing application. ADO.Net is...

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How To Implement Stored Procedure in Entity Framework Database

Oct 11th, 2021 ASP .Net

If you want to know how to implement stored procedure in entity framework database, then, Here are the steps to implement the same. We can also access stored procedures in a .net application like tables. These procedures are converted as c# methods. At the time of adding stored procedures, Entity framework generates following items: 1....

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Data sharing techniques in Asp.net MVC

Oct 11th, 2017 ASP .Net

Action methods in controller process the request and prepare the result. This results present to the user with the help of the view. To transfer the results from the controller to the view is achieved in the following ways: ViewData Viewbag Tempdata Strongly Typed View 1. ViewData Viewdata is a built-in object of the view...

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