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What is DevOps? Simplified Version

Jan 07th, 2022 introduction

DevOps is continually evolving. We see DevOps trends becoming more widespread every now and again. The statistics show that the DevOps market will reach 10.31 Billion dollars by 2023, according to the estimates. DevOps will be adopted by 70% of SMBs. Yes, 70%. There are many reasons why SMBS are drawn to DevOps. But, what...

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Big Changes in Drupal 8

Jun 19th, 2018 Drupal, introduction

Arrival of Drupal 8 is most exciting thing that happened last year. I’m sure if you, like us, are Drupal fans then you must have been a part of Drupal 8 journey with overwhelming experience of all the big changes. Some history first on Drupal 4.7 / 5 / 6: Version 4.7 started with core...

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Dec 17th, 2012 introduction

WordPress Tutorial site Venugopal

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