Open Source

Open source CMS development

An Open-Source CMS uses free, openly-sourced code to create and manage your website. Code for these platforms is continuously worked on and advanced through a large developer base that relies on shared knowledge, plug-ins, modules, and extensions.

An open-source CMS can offer e-commerce businesses a seamless user experience, customizable features, endless support, and a platform that allows your business to grow with your company.

With open-source CMS platforms, you can take the original code and manipulate it any way you want, so that the end results best suit your business.Whatever you dream and whatever you need can be built.

Invezza is one of the best open source development company in India with expert developers working on cutting edge technologies.

Advantages of CMS

Any approved user can easily manage website
It is easier to protect website by integrating with plugins
Multiple users can work on a website with multiple roles and access levels
Maintenance of website is easier using CMS
With the help of plugins you can optimize your site for better ranking
We can easily archive content or pages in CMS websites
There is no page limit creation in any CMS
Users can get wide range of themes according to his business niche

Open Source Services

Why Invezza?

Expert open source developers
Scalable and robust solutions
Multiple Payment Gateways
Transparent communication
Effective time management
Completely customizable
On time delivery of projects
Seamless user experience
Endless support
Improved ecommerce sales
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