Card Management System


Card Management Company’s solutions provide easy to use parameter-driven controls, real-time transaction processing, built-in fault-tolerance, and a fully scalable architecture. It also provides the market’s most feature-rich platform for processing and managing accounts receivables and a full range of card products including prepaid/stored-value, fleet, credit, debit, commercial, government, healthcare and private-label cards.

The company’s server-based architecture provides the speed, flexibility and control to effectively manage electronic and card-based payment products.



Preposition & Solutions

  • Parameterization is a key feature of all the Card Management Company products, through these controls Card Management Company’s applications can be quickly configured to support a company’s business. These same parameters make it easy to reconfigure the applications as needed to support new business models and programs. Parameterization also simplifies making changes to meet new regulations.
  • Card Management Company’s industry solutions are all built on a single code base, so even though the system is divided into smaller applications, when they are deployed all of the applications remain on the single code base. The benefit of this approach is that it allows companies to free themselves from having to integrate multiple software products to obtain a complete card management system.
  • Card Management Company Products Provide Complete Industry Solutions In addition to real-time authorizations Card Management Company.
  • It also provides processing of all transactions in real-time.
  • By posting the transactions in real-time, the application software eliminates the need for the power provided by a mainframe each evening to batch process the daily transactions.
  • Real-time transaction posting makes it possible to offer a 24X7 environment where account holders can access real-time information about their accounts online via the internet.


  • Scalable and extensible architectures that supports 24/7 business availability for global customers as it reduces development cycles and risks to a minimum.
  • Time and cost-effective customized applications that help organizations address functional gaps and achieve business goals effectively Business Value.
  • Greater flexibility for growth.
  • Proven highest-quality processes for solving complex problems, mitigating risks, and achieving rock-solid ROI.