Dentists Association Website


A reputed association of registered dentists and dental specialists wants to rebuild their website. All dentists from public sector and private sector are members of this organization.

Client Requirement

  • New design should be clean and beautiful and should support all browsers and devices.
  • Online user registration with ability to login as per the access provided for the specific member type.
  • After login members can access special content pages.
  • Events can be shown on website and members can book it.
  • Separate navigation is provided for users only.



Preposition & Solutions

We were tasked with actually turning it all into a user friendly and functional website. Due to the vast amount of content and features of the website, once again web architecture was key. Once we had that, our development team started working on the WordPress backend and building the whole membership system, while the design team took lead on perfecting the look. We created a custom plugin and optimized the database to make the membership work seamlessly, while we integrated the site to woocommerce in order to book events.