Crafting an Advanced Enterprise App for Credit Management Excellence

about the project

This case study delves into a transformative endeavor undertaken by Invezza, a leading technology solutions provider, focusing on the creation of an innovative Enterprise App for a prominent player in the financial sector.

About the Client

Our client, a distinguished financial institution, introduced a groundbreaking on-demand financing solution. This highly secure and customizable platform facilitated credit line applications, approved and endorsed by financial institutions. Operating within a multifaceted ecosystem involving various stakeholders like FIs, networks, retailers, manufacturers, and consumers, the solution aimed to enhance convenience, mitigate risks through real-time credit exposure visibility, and provide a seamless transaction management experience. The client sought to develop an intuitive Enterprise App, enabling customers to effortlessly register, apply for credit lines, and manage transactions.

Industry type


project Duration

11 Months


Product Engineering, Cloud & DevOps, Quality Assurance

How we made it happen

Invezza embraced a comprehensive approach to fulfill the client’s aspirations:

Conceptualization and User Stories: We initiated the process with well-defined concept statements and user stories, facilitated by an adept Business Analyst responsible for requirement elicitation and review. Collaborating closely with the client’s business stakeholders, we crafted a project solution with cutting-edge functionalities.

Visual Design and Reviews: Visual wireframes were meticulously created to align with project requirements, followed by extensive design work to ensure compliance with brand guidelines. Regular presentations and stakeholder reviews facilitated a deep understanding of the project’s essence.

Proof of Concept Validation: Rigorous testing, encompassing various facets such as Functional, UI/UX, Interrupt, Regression, Performance, Unit, and System Integration, was conducted to validate the proof of concept.

Our Solution:

Invezza harnessed a robust technology stack to bring the Enterprise App to life:

Hybrid Mobile Framework Technology: The mobile application was constructed using Angular JS 1.0 and Ionic 1.0, rendering compatibility with both iOS and Android platforms.

Backend: APIs were developed on the latest .NET Core, with efficient data storage and retrieval facilitated by SQL Server.

Front End (Portal): A responsive application was crafted using Angular JS 5 to ensure optimal performance.

Framework: Development was initiated using the ABP (ASP Net Boilerplate Zero) framework, providing a strong foundation.

Cloud: Azure Cloud played a pivotal role in hosting the SaaS application. Services such as web jobs, key vault, VM, app service, blob storage, and SQL service were seamlessly leveraged.

How Invezza Made a Difference

  • Effortless Credit Management: The introduced Enterprise App empowered customers to apply for credit lines and manage transactions seamlessly, fostering a user-centric experience.
  • Real-Time Insights: The platform’s powerful dashboard provided real-time updates on credit transactions, available balances, and payment dates, enhancing informed decision-making.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: Customers enjoyed the flexibility to transition between existing and new plans effortlessly, optimizing their credit management approach.
  • Streamlined Payment Processes: The Enterprise App streamlined payment and payoff procedures, simplifying financial interactions for customers.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: By leveraging an advanced technology stack, the solution exhibited robustness, scalability, and a secure user experience.
  • Efficient Cloud Integration: Azure Cloud’s suite of services ensured efficient hosting, data management, and seamless application functionality.

In conclusion, Invezza’s collaboration with the esteemed financial institution resulted in a pioneering Enterprise App, revolutionizing credit management, transaction visibility, and user experience. This successful partnership underscores Invezza’s commitment to innovation and client-centric solutions in the dynamic financial landscape.

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