How we made it happen

Invezza embraced a comprehensive approach to fulfill the client’s aspirations:

Conceptualization and User Stories: We initiated the process with well-defined concept statements and user stories, facilitated by an adept Business Analyst responsible for requirement elicitation and review. Collaborating closely with the client’s business stakeholders, we crafted a project solution with cutting-edge functionalities.

Visual Design and Reviews: Visual wireframes were meticulously created to align with project requirements, followed by extensive design work to ensure compliance with brand guidelines. Regular presentations and stakeholder reviews facilitated a deep understanding of the project’s essence.

Proof of Concept Validation: Rigorous testing, encompassing various facets such as Functional, UI/UX, Interrupt, Regression, Performance, Unit, and System Integration, was conducted to validate the proof of concept.

Our Solution:

Invezza harnessed a robust technology stack to bring the Enterprise App to life:

Hybrid Mobile Framework Technology: The mobile application was constructed using Angular JS 1.0 and Ionic 1.0, rendering compatibility with both iOS and Android platforms.

Backend: APIs were developed on the latest .NET Core, with efficient data storage and retrieval facilitated by SQL Server.

Front End (Portal): A responsive application was crafted using Angular JS 5 to ensure optimal performance.

Framework: Development was initiated using the ABP (ASP Net Boilerplate Zero) framework, providing a strong foundation.

Cloud: Azure Cloud played a pivotal role in hosting the SaaS application. Services such as web jobs, key vault, VM, app service, blob storage, and SQL service were seamlessly leveraged.

How Invezza Made a Difference

In conclusion, Invezza’s collaboration with the esteemed financial institution resulted in a pioneering Enterprise App, revolutionizing credit management, transaction visibility, and user experience. This successful partnership underscores Invezza’s commitment to innovation and client-centric solutions in the dynamic financial landscape.