DevOps is continually evolving. We see DevOps trends becoming more widespread every now and again.

The statistics show that the DevOps market will reach 10.31 Billion dollars by 2023, according to the estimates.

DevOps will be adopted by 70% of SMBs. Yes, 70%. There are many reasons why SMBS are drawn to DevOps.

But, what exactly DevOps is. Why companies are investing billions of dollars in DevOps. Let’s simplify it for you.

Consider any large/mid-scale application development. Usually, there will be two teams:

1. Development

2. Operations

The development team will look after code, features, bug fixes, and security updates, and the Operations team will look after servers, scaling, uptime, and backups.

In traditional development, the development team codes the entire update and tosses it for the production, whereas the operations team deploys, monitors, operates and maintains the infrastructure.


And when there was a delay in the update, the blame game starts.


So, What caused all this issue?


All the issue has been caused due to confusion between the development team and operations team.

So, What if we break the wall.


That is Devops = Dev + Ops


DevOps is not a technology, tool or framework.

DevOps is a cultural movement, mindset, philosophy to coordinate produce better, more reliable products by automating infrastructure, workflow, and continuously measuring application performance for which they use a lot of tools.

The DevOps lifecycle

You can visualize a devops process as an infinite loop, comprising the illustrated steps — through feedback — plan, which resets the loops.


Thank you. I hope you’ve enjoyed the simplified version of “what is DevOps”. Do share with others to show your appreciation.

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