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about the project

The project aimed to enhance the existing software solution for homeowner associations by developing a self-service portal, a mobile application, converting report generation technology, improving the user interface of partner portals, and conducting security assessments.

About the Client

The customer is the first internet-based association management system with integrated accounting, which provides software for homeowner associations. It was founded in 2005, becoming the solution of choice for comprehensive property management for the community association.

Industry type

Real Estate

project Duration

15 months


Product Engineering, Cloud & DevOps, Quality Assurance

How we made it happen

To ensure a successful outcome, Invezza’s solutioning team initiated interactions with key stakeholders, gaining valuable insights into their requirements and priorities. In parallel, the technical team engaged with stakeholders to understand their concerns and align the architecture with industry best practices.

During the SoleTecture phase, extensive brainstorming sessions were conducted between the solutioning and architecture teams. Their collaborative efforts aimed to challenge each other and arrive at a mutually agreed-upon solution that best suited the client’s needs. By creating wireframes and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the solutioning team provided the client with a tangible preview of the proposed design before the actual development phase began.

The development and quality assurance teams then took over, working diligently to bring the solution to life within strict timelines. Leveraging their expertise and adherence to industry standards, they diligently implemented the self-service portal, mobile application, migration of crystal reports to SSRS reports, and enhanced user interfaces for the Paygami and accounting integrator partner portal.

How Invezza Made a Difference

  • The introduction of the self-service portal and mobile application led to a significant boost in user engagement by 40% increase in active users within the first three months.
  • The new SSRS reports reduced the time required to generate complex financial reports by 50%, allowing staff to focus on higher-value tasks.
  • By delivering a superior and feature-rich software solution, the client gained a competitive edge, resulting in a 15% increase in market share and a 20% decrease in customer churn rate.

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