Leveraged the Power of Automation & Agile to Enhance Card Management Platform

about the project

The client sought transaction processing and account management software that would not only meet their current needs but also offer boutique processing services. They emphasized the importance of having easy-to-use parameter-driven controls, real-time transaction processing, built-in fault-tolerance, and a fully scalable architecture.

About the Client

The client is a leading player in the financial services industry, specializing in providing card management and transaction processing systems. With a strong reputation as an issuer-processor, they offer a comprehensive suite of account management and system of record solutions. Their goal is to cater to the evolving needs of the global financial services sector.

Industry type


project Duration

14 months


App Development, Cloud & DevOps, Quality Assurance

How we made it happen

To address the client’s requirements, our team undertook a meticulous analysis of the current market trends and the specific needs of the financial services industry. We recognized that parameterization was a crucial aspect of card management systems, allowing for easy reconfiguration to accommodate new business models and programs. Building on this understanding, we developed an event flow that would streamline the client’s processes, while also ensuring the scalability and flexibility needed to support future growth. Moreover, we focused on a unified code base approach to eliminate the need for integrating multiple software products, simplifying the overall card management system.

Drawing on our expertise in technologies such as ASP.Net MVC, MSSQL, Azure Cloud, DevOps, ADFS, we crafted a comprehensive software solution for the client. Our solution provided the market’s most feature-rich platform for processing and managing accounts receivables, while also supporting a wide range of card products. Real-time transaction processing capabilities allowed for instant authorizations and eliminated the need for nightly batch processing, providing a significant efficiency boost. Additionally, our solution enabled a 24X7 environment, empowering account holders to access real-time information about their accounts online via the internet. With a server-based architecture, the client gained the speed, flexibility, and control necessary to effectively manage electronic and card-based payment products

How Invezza Made a Difference

  • Our parameter-driven controls and fully scalable architecture have resulted in a 30% reduction in the time required to reconfigure the applications for new business models and programs.
  • With our solution’s 24X7 environment, the client’s account holders can access real-time information about their accounts online via the internet. This has led to a 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores.
  • The elimination of nightly batch processing and the increased operational efficiency have achieved 25% reduction in processing costs due to the elimination of mainframe usage for nightly batch processing.

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